Four Pals at a Party


Four Pals at a Party highlights Summer, who is more reserved than David or Iris. She is known as the Supportive, Steady, Stable, Secure, Sweet, Shy type. In this book, Summer is having a birthday party and in typical fashion, she thinks of others before herself. For her party, she asks her guests to bring gifts to be shared with her furry friends at a local animal shelter! Enjoy this special birthday party with Summer and her friends.

The “Four Pals” series of books is designed to have 1 book in each series that highlights each of the four different personality styles. This is the third book in the 1st series. The focus of this book is on Summer – the Supportive “S” type personality. Come join David, Iris, Summer and Charlie as they have a special birthday party at an animal shelter.

This book is hard cover and 8 x 10 in size.


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