Child Extended English Version (48 pages)


This Discovery Report is a great resource for parents and teachers who want to gain insights into the
personality type of a child. Use this personalized report to get ideas on how to parent and
teach according to the child’s communication style and environment needs. This personality
assessment uses fun pictures of “BOTS” (like robots) in story form as a way to determine the
boy or girl’s personality style. The assessment takes about 30 minutes to complete online. An
insightful 8-page report will then be provided online that provides:

– Words that describe the child
– Strengths
– Tips to help the child develop and mature
– Environment needs and motivation preferences
– Overview of the DISC personality model (reference for parents and teachers)
– Personality graphs for the child (reference for parents and teachers)



This 50-page report is great for children ages 5-12 to help them understand their personality style and personal strengths. The online assessment is based on fun scenes with robot characters in different situations. The feedback in this report not only helps children, but it can also help parents and teachers to know how to best relate with and motivate a child. The report has sections for the child, the child’s teachers and the child’s parents. Your report will include:

  1. Words that describe you
  2. Strengths
  3. How to be your best
  4. Your basic personality style
  5. Your communication style
  6. Important things to know about you
  7. Suggestions on working with you
  8. What DISC is all about (for parents/teachers)
  9. Parenting insights and tips on communication and motivation
  10. How to best relate to this child based on his/her personality
  11. How to understand, accept and affirm this child
  12. How to help this child grow
  13. Teaching insights and tips
  14. Understanding this child as a student
  15. Insights about attitudes and emotions
  16. Insights about learning styles
  17. Your DISC personality graphs

View a sample report here!


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