Four Pals in Science Class


Four Pals in Science Class focuses on Charlie who is Cautious, Competent, Careful, Correct and Conscientious. The setting is a science class in which each of the children is instructed to build a volcano for a contest. Charlie carefully researches volcanoes before he begins his project because he wants to be accurate. Each child’s approach to the assignment reflects his or her personality style. Check this book out to see who wins the prize.

The “Four Pals” series of books is designed to have 1 book in each series that highlights each of the four different personality styles. This is the fourth book in the 1st series. The focus of this book is on Charlie – the Cautious “C” type personality. Come join David, Iris, Summer and Charlie as they have a fun with a science project.

This book is hard cover and 8 x 10 in size.


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