DISC360 Package


NOTE: This system will be delivered on Jan 1 2024 – order now for Pre-sales!



Amazing training system for businesses to use to create a DISC Culture within their organization. Includes the following:

    • 20 Training videos)15-30 minutes in length)
    • 20 intro videos
  • 20 follow up videos
  • 20 fill in the blank worksheets
  • 100 trivia questions
  • 52- 1 minute video personality tips
  • 20-“DISC in 2” videos
  • 15 % off assessments for life


DISC360 Topic List

Topic 1: Introduction to DISC and it’s Benefits
Topic 2: The Dominant “D” Personality
Topic 3: The Inspiring “I” Personality
Topic 4: The Supportive “S” Personality
Topic 5: The Cautious “C” Personality
Topic 6: Parenting Different Personality Types D and I Children
Topic 7: Parenting Different Personality Types S and C Children
Topic 8: DISC And Your Relationships
Topic 9: Under Control vs. Out of Control Personality Traits
Topic 10: Perceptions vs. Reality
Topic 11: DISC and Leadership
Topic 12: Communicating Effectively With Each Personality Type
Topic 13: Speed Reading Personality Types
Topic 14: Effective Hiring and Management of Personality Types
Topic 15: DISC Personality Blends
Topic 16: The Motivation and Buying Tendencies of Each Personality Type
Topic 17: DISC as Customers
Topic 18: DISC Tools and Resources (interaction reports, team building chart, assessments)
Topic 19: Changes to our Personality Blend
Topic 20: Creating a DISC Culture