Did you know your personality type influences everything in your life – to include whether you are a natural saver or a spender? “D” and “I” personality types using the DiSC personality assessment system are normally quick to spend money! The “S” and “C” personality types are normally slower to spend money and will usually do a lot of research before making a major purchase. So what if you are a blend that is part saver and part spender? This is actually the personality type of my husband. He is an “S/I” blend using DiSC. His “S” is first so he doesn’t like to spend money, but once you get him in the store his “I” personality type kicks in and he wants to buy everything he sees!

Angel Tucker is an Expert Personality Profiler and the Founder of Personality Profiles LLC. She has authored several books to include her best-selling book titled: Stop Squatting With Your Spurs On! The power to read people, get what you want, and communicate without pain.