Welcome to Flex Training, where you are in charge! Flex Training is easy and effective. Simply choose the topic and an available date/time for your session. (Most offices utilize their flex training during their normal sales meetings, but this is not required). With Flex Training, you will receive a 20-30 minute live interactive training session specifically for your office via the internet. Your entire office can attend for one super low price! They will even have an opportunity to ask questions and access free online resources that apply to your session topic (if applicable). Here are some of the great benefits of Flex Training:

*The work is done for you! Simply log on to the training using the provided link and let me do all the work!

*Your Agents are receiving training on the subjects that are important to them and their career as a Real Estate Professional!

*No sales pitches! Your Agents are getting high quality training without a “catch”!

*More income for your Agents AND you! Training equals production and production increases everyone’s bottom line!

TRAINING TOPICS: (All times are approximate and will vary based on number of attendees and attendee participation)

What Am I Worth As an Agent? (15 min.)

Getting Sellers to Price Correctly (15 min.)

Effective Ad Writing (20 min.)

Using DISC when working with Buyers (20 min.)

Listing FSBOs and overcoming their objections (20-30 min.)

Overcoming Commission Cutting Requests (20 min.)

Farming with an Effective Newsletter (20 min.)

Hiring and Assistant/Building Your Own Team (20-30 min.)

Effective Marketing/Promotion (20-30 min.)

Prequalifying Buyers the RIGHT Way! (15 min.)

An Introduction to DISC (30 min.)

What to expect from each personality type as a customer (30 min.)

Using DISC When Recruiting (20 min.)

Ready to join Flex Training? Email me at [email protected]

(Flex Training is designed specifically for EXIT Realty and is not available to any other Real Estate Franchise. We also offer live/online training for other industries.)