Flex Training


Flex Training is a cost effective way to provide Agents/Brokers with valuable content for their ever changing Real Estate career! Each session is 20-30 minutes in length, depending on the topic chosen and number of questions asked. All sessions are performed on Tuesdays at various times throughout the day.

There are currently 15 topics to choose from and Angel provides 2 cost savings options under the pricing tab.

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Available Topics

  1. What Am I Worth As an Agent?
  2. Getting Sellers to Price Correctly /Prequalifying Buyers the RIGHT Way!
  3. Effective Ad Writing
  4. Using DISC when working with Buyers
  5. Listing FSBOs and overcoming their objections
  6. Overcoming Commission Cutting Requests
  7. Farming with an Effective Newsletter
  8. Hiring an Assistant/Building Your Own Team
  9. Effective Marketing/Promotion
  10. Intro to DISC Part 1 – “D” and “I” types
  11. Intro to DISC Par 2 – “S” and “C” types
  12. What to expect from each personality type as a customer
  13. Getting More Business!
  14. Speed Reading Personality Types/Changes to Our Personality
  15. Using DISC When Recruiting


  1. We like to keep our trainings small so although there may be other offices on at the same time as you (this is a good thing since you’ll get to hear questions AND answers to those questions that the other offices come up with) we never have more than 5 offices on a session at the same time! That means you get maximum training time! We don’t run you through like a herd of cattle!
  2. We are available AFTER the session! That’s right! If any of the Agents think of a question they want to ask after the session (or maybe didn’t want to ask in front of everyone else) then they can email us for a quick response! We also give “suggested homework” from time to time during the sessions and Agents can even follow up to make sure their product is right by emailing it to us for review and feedback!
  3. Free resources are available online only to those who are part of our Flex Training. They include things like samples of newsletters, what words to use in your advertising, buyer qualification sheets, and much much more! They are free FOREVER to those who are part of Flex!
  4. We offer deep discounts on various products that are available only to our Flex Training clients! (We tell you more about these on the registration form) These discounts are available during your entire Flex Training package period and even for 30 days after your last session!


  • Amie Larsen Broker
    EXIT Realty Legacy
    Salt Lake City, UT

  • Tommy Stanton Realtor
    EXIT Realty Gulf Shores
    Gulf Shores, AL

  • FAQ

    Q: Are the sessions recorded?
    – Currently no sessions are recorded.

    Q: Do I need to be with the EXIT organization to participate?
    – Yes!

    Q: Do you have a payment plan?
    – For the 15 session package only, we can accept 2 installments upon request only! Conditions apply.

    Q: If I have technical difficulty during a session, can I repeat the session on a future date?
    – We do everything we can to make up your session if there were challenges due to internet connection, weather, etc. We want you to learn and love Flex Training so if we can make it happen…. we will!

    Q: Can I reschedule my sessions if needed? –
    You may reschedule up to 1/3 of your purchased sessions with at least 24 hours notice. If you need to reschedule more than that we reserve the right to charge you $25 per rescheduled session.


    Option 1: Purchase as many trainings as you like (up to 15 available topics). Choose your date/time/topic (or have Angel choose it all for you) and you’re set! You’ll receive an email the day prior to your scheduled session that contains a link to access your training via gotomeeting. Simply click on the link at your appointed time, turn on your webcam, and let me do all the work for you! This option puts you in TOTAL control! Use your sessions weekly, monthly, quarterly, or any other way you would like to use them. There is just a 24 month time limit to get in all your sessions. You can even get a sponsor to cover the cost so the training can actually be FREE for your Agents!

    Current pricing is:
    Per session $125
    15 Sessions for $1,500

    Option 2: If you love what you hear but want to spend even less, we have another valuable option! You can “piggy back” sessions that are already scheduled by other offices. That means you choose your trainings from a list we provide you that has the dates/times/topics already chosen. This is a great way to be involved in Flex Training and save even more at the same time!

    Current pricing is
    1 session for $75
    6 Sessions for $350

    To be part of Flex Training as an Individual you may purchase a 3 session package and “piggy back” on scheduled office sessions. These are more limited but a cost effective way for individuals to receive great training!

    3 session packages are currently priced at $99.


    Signing up is easy! Please click on the option of your choice, fill out the completed form and email it back to us at:

    Once we receive your registration we will contact you to secure your time slots and get you the form to choose your topics. You may have to wait a few weeks to start your sessions but we have new offices rotating in and out regularly so it shouldn’t be too long!

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