There are two personalities who not only excel at building relationships, but also desire for you to build relationships with them! It probably comes as no surprise that I am referring to the “I” and “S” personality types! These are the personality types who are people oriented! As a result they love to get to know people, but also want people to show an interest in them! If you are interacting with one of these two types and want to build a win/win relationship – make sure to ask about things that help you get to know them! For example, you could ask about their kids, their pets, or their jobs. There are other personality types who either aren’t interested (you know it’s the “D”s) or uncomfortable (yep the “C”s) when it comes to talking about personal things. The “I” and “S” types thrive on it! It energizes them and let’s them know you really care about them as a person. They will appreciate the fact that you took the time to get to know them so make sure you do!

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