DISC And Building Relationships

There are two personalities who not only excel at building relationships, but also desire for you to build relationships with them! It probably comes as no surprise that I am referring to the “I” and “S” personality types! These are the personality types who are people oriented! As a result they love to get to know people, but also want people to show an interest in them! If you are interacting with one of these two types and want to build a win/win relationship – make sure to ask about things that help you get to know them! For example, you could ask about their kids, their pets, or their jobs. There are other personality types who either aren’t interested (you know it’s the “D”s) or uncomfortable (yep the “C”s) when it comes to talking about personal things. The “I” and “S” types thrive on it! It energizes them and let’s them know you really care about them as a person. They will appreciate the fact that you took the time to get to know them so make sure you do!

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Writing Ads That Appeal To Different Personality Types

Writing Ads That Appeal To Different Personality Types

Take Me With You!

Want to make your advertising more effective? Then appeal to ALL personality types when composing your ad! Make sure you are using the appropriate words or phrases that make each type take action. This information is based on the DiSC personality assessment system! D and I types are motivated by words or phrases that emphasize “status and prestige”, while the S and C personality types are looking for “safety and security” Here are some examples for the D/I types: Make Your Friends Jealous, Best Available. For an S or C type some examples are: Sound Investment or Money Well Spent. Keep this in mind the next time you write an ad and you’ll increase the number of times your phone is ringing! To learn more about how to read personality types in less than 60 seconds and put that information to work for you, check out my best-selling book titled: Stop Squatting With Your Spurs On! You can pick it up on Amazon.com in a book or ebook. It’s also available on my website! https://personalityprofiles.org

Angel Tucker named one of 50 Great Writers You should be reading!


Angel Tucker named one of Top 50 Writers You Should Be Reading

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“The Zone” Coaching from Angel Tucker – Only 3 Slots Left!

Are you ready to get serious about making a ton of money in Real Estate? Are you willing to put in the hard work it takes to achieve your goals? Then your ready for The Zone! This is an intense 6 week training program that has a proven track record of helping Agents and Brokers achieve levels of success they only dreamed of reaching! Here is what others are saying about “The Zone”.

Angel developed a coaching plan that was specific to my needs. We have worked on Time Management, Personal Development, Branding and Lead Generation techniques. I am just finishing my first 6-week coaching session with Angel and have already seen great progress in my abilities. I plan to sign up for another session as soon as possible.

Angel is an effective coach who easily identifies your strengths and weaknesses. Her coaching will help you become successful in both business and relationships.

Jon Niemeyer, Broker/Owner

I would recommend ZONE Coaching for any and everyone. Angel will work with you and get you on track with time management. She will assign projects each week that will teach you how to Own Your Zone from start to finish! Take responsibility for your own success of failure and invest in yourself!!! You will like the end results!!

Mindy Huls, Broker/Owner

I have enjoyed doing The Zone Training with Coach Angel Tucker!

The Zone Work and coaching sessions kept me fired up with new ideas. I looked forward to doing the tasks and meeting with Angel again each week. Keeping in touch was a great way to keep me accountable for the homework. I can’t wait to see the results of my coaching with Angel!

Julie M. Block, Broker Associate

There are only 3 spots left in the next “The Zone” session, which begins Feb 27th. The price is nearly 50% off at only $465 for the entire 6 week program. This is a no brainer! Get into “The Zone”! For program specifics, email me at personalitypro@msn.com or text your email address to 850-261-5511. If you are not reaching your goals, it’s YOUR FAULT! Let me show you how to get there!

The Zone group coaching coming April 1st for Real Estate Agents!

The Zone – Group Coaching

Angel’s popular “The Zone” Coaching Program is now designed to accommodate a group setting! The first 5 week program begins April 1st! Take advantage of this introductory pricing!

Price per Agent – $129*

Price per Office – $649* (up to 25 people)

These are not per session prices. You will get all 5 weeks for one price! This will be the lowest price ever for this program! Similar coaching through Angel is typically $125 per 15 minute session per person! Get the entire coaching program for almost half the price of one individual session + the benefit of double the time!

Coaching Details:

All sessions will be held on either Monday or Wednesday of each week (same day each week) between the hours of 9:30-11:45am CST – first come, first served. Coaching sessions are 30 minutes in length and will be performed via oovoo or skype. They will be at the same time each week. Availability is limited – don’t wait!

Coaching topics:

Week 1 – What Am I Worth As an Agent?

Getting Sellers to Price Correctly

Week 2 – Effective Farming/Marketing

Week 3 – Effective Ad Writing

Prequalifying Buyers the RIGHT way!

Week 4 – Listing FSBOs and overcoming their objections

Overcoming Commission Cutting Requests

Week 5 – Working Smarter Not Harder

Building your own team

In addition to the 30 minute group sessions, each Agent participating will also be allowed to email Angel once per session with individual questions on that week’s topic. Bonus topics will also be discussed each week if time permits.

*Sessions are pre-paid in advance and fee is due at least 10 days before coaching sessions begin. There will be no makeup coaching for missed sessions. No refunds or re-assignment of coaching money will be permitted.

There is no minimum participation required from offices that choose the “per Agent” option. Offices with less than 10 participants may be grouped virtually with other offices.

Each participant will complete a brief questionnaire prior to coaching sessions beginning. This will help determine the greatest needs of the group and current knowledge of DiSC to insure maximum results as a whole.

BONUS! – Each participant may submit a short video regarding that week’s coaching session to be entered into a drawing for their choice of 2 additional weeks of free private coaching (15 minute sessions) or a 50 page adult personality assessment. This is completely optional. Agent’s may submit up to one video per week for a total of 5 chances to win! Video releases will be required to be eligible.

To sign up or for more information, complete the Contact Us page.

Introducing Flex Training! Now You Are In Charge of Your Training!

Welcome to Flex Training, where you are in charge! Flex Training is easy and effective. Simply choose the topic and an available date/time for your session. (Most offices utilize their flex training during their normal sales meetings, but this is not required). With Flex Training, you will receive a 20-30 minute live interactive training session specifically for your office via the internet. Your entire office can attend for one super low price! They will even have an opportunity to ask questions and access free online resources that apply to your session topic (if applicable). Here are some of the great benefits of Flex Training:

*The work is done for you! Simply log on to the training using the provided link and let me do all the work!

*Your Agents are receiving training on the subjects that are important to them and their career as a Real Estate Professional!

*No sales pitches! Your Agents are getting high quality training without a “catch”!

*More income for your Agents AND you! Training equals production and production increases everyone’s bottom line!

TRAINING TOPICS: (All times are approximate and will vary based on number of attendees and attendee participation)

What Am I Worth As an Agent? (15 min.)

Getting Sellers to Price Correctly (15 min.)

Effective Ad Writing (20 min.)

Using DISC when working with Buyers (20 min.)

Listing FSBOs and overcoming their objections (20-30 min.)

Overcoming Commission Cutting Requests (20 min.)

Farming with an Effective Newsletter (20 min.)

Hiring and Assistant/Building Your Own Team (20-30 min.)

Effective Marketing/Promotion (20-30 min.)

Prequalifying Buyers the RIGHT Way! (15 min.)

An Introduction to DISC (30 min.)

What to expect from each personality type as a customer (30 min.)

Using DISC When Recruiting (20 min.)

Ready to join Flex Training? Email me at personalitypro@msn.com

(Flex Training is designed specifically for EXIT Realty and is not available to any other Real Estate Franchise. We also offer live/online training for other industries.)