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February 13, 2017

  1. We like to keep our trainings small so although there may be other offices on at the same time as you (this is a good thing since you’ll get to hear questions AND answers to those questions that the other offices come up with) we never have more than 5 offices on a session at the same time! That means you get maximum training time! We don’t run you through like a herd of cattle!
  2. We are available AFTER the session! That’s right! If any of the Agents think of a question they want to ask after the session (or maybe didn’t want to ask in front of everyone else) then they can email us for a quick response! We also give “suggested homework” from time to time during the sessions and Agents can even follow up to make sure their product is right by emailing it to us for review and feedback!
  3. Free resources are available online only to those who are part of our Flex Training. They include things like samples of newsletters, what words to use in your advertising, buyer qualification sheets, and much much more! They are free FOREVER to those who are part of Flex!
  4. We offer deep discounts on various products that are available only to our Flex Training clients! (We tell you more about these on the registration form) These discounts are available during your entire Flex Training package period and even for 30 days after your last session!

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