Cara Cooley – Georgia
mother of 2 girls

* I got your books this weekend and WE LOVED THEM! We had so much fun reading about the different personalities, we had to read all the books all at once! It was fun picking out which ones we are! It was really great to read those, especially for Lauryn, my little I! ESPECIALLY since I’m homeschooling her, I can really teach her how to thrive in that personality! I would definitely encourage parents and teachers to buy them! I can better understand my children and how to parent, teach and encourage them to flourish in their God given personalities! Thank you!!!!

Peter D. Smith – Georgia
Open Bible Christian School

*These books are an insightful, creative presentation of the personality types. They are well-written and present clear distinctions that elementary age children will understand and to which they will relate. I believe this series can be used by teachers and parents alike to gain understanding on how to best work with and get the most out of their students and children. I believe that children that are exposed to this material will be better equipped to get along with others regardless of their personalities. This series will help children learn some things are not wrong, they are just different.

Glenda C. Thorne, Ph.D. – Louisiana

*The Four Pals series of books for children wonderfully reflect the unique differences and gifts that God has given each of us. If children are taught an awareness, understanding, and appreciation of these differences during their early years of development, they will be more successful in subsequent relationships with friends, family members, and in the world of business.

Susan Crook, M.A., C.H.B.C. – Kansas
Award-winning Author/Speaker
Personality Insights for Moms, WINNER “BEST Parenting Book of the Year” Award

*Delightful stories will capture children’s imagination and attention as they identify with the characters and deepen their understanding of the four basic personality styles. As a result, they’ll better determine why the think and act the way the do, offering the positive reinforcement and self-esteem that every child needs!

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar – Arkansas
Parents of “18 Kids and Counting”

*The Four Pals Series explains and highlights the four different personality types of individuals in a fun way. As parents of 18 children we realize the importance of understanding their viewpoints based upon each person’s unique personality. We have been encouraged to use our God-given motivational gifts and learn to work together in harmony to accomplish great things. We hope you enjoy reading these books with your children as much as we have with ours!


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